About Us

Our strategy is high quality service and individual approach and care for
every client.

Our story

AGENCIJA MALA d.o.o. exists since 2003, with the main activity of providing accounting services to clients. During the 20 years in business, the company has developed strategically with the goal of forming a solid customer base provided with high quality accounting services.
Our strategy is quality service and individual approach and care for each client.
The company has ten employees with many years of experience.



Tvrtka: AGENCIJA MALA d.o.o. knjigovodstvene usluge
Skraćena tvrtka: AGENCIJA MALA d.o.o.
Legal form: limited liability company
Headquarters: Klaićeva 27, 10000 Zagreb
Registration Court: Commercial Court in Zagreb
Registration number (MBS): 080459235
Tax (statistic) identification number: 01724274
OIB - VAT number: 13000023377
Temeljni akt: Izjava o osnivanju Društva od 09. lipnja 2003. godine.
Vlasnička struktura: 100% privatno vlasništvo
Temeljni kapital: 240.000,00 kuna
Uprava društva: Adriana Molnar, Ariana Deranja, Larisa Vuk, Marica Dusper
Bank account: HR5724070001100640761 (OTP banka d.d., Domovinskog rata 61, 21000 Split)

Our Vision

What We're All About

„Everyone who maintains business books will also learn how to contract, how to trade and make money” - Benedikt Kotruljević (1416-1469, inventor of double-entry bookkeeping from Dubrovnik)

AGENCIJA MALA d.o.o. is a company with 20 years of experiences in accounting / bookkeeping business. The company developed with the goal of forming a solid customer base provided with high quality bookkeeping services.

Through discreet and reliable work, we support and monitor the daily business and growth of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises and craftsmen.

We approach each client individually and by working together we achieve the best possible solution for all the challenges that clients face in modern business.

Management team

Qualifications and expertise of our management team are the result of many years of work in the field of bookkeeping, managing independent business and successful running of the company.

Experienced employees

Our advantage is knowledge and experience in bookkeeping of our employees.

Korwin Application

We use modular set of applications "Korwin" from Perfekta d.o.o. to monitor office and accounting-financial operations.